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This website specializes in promoting charter flights to hundreds of premier golf destinations across Canada, USA, Bahamas and Caribbean. The website targets business leaders, professionals and high net worth individuals.
This website targets NorthAmerican corporations, professionals, high net worth individuals and promotes the use of charter flights for business, vacation and personal use
This website promotes flights to and from Toronto along with area hotels and ground transportation. We target the general traveling public in Canada and USA.
This website promotes travel to Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario along with all related travel services such as hotels, car rentals, resorts, lodges, etc. We target the general traveling public in Canada and USA
This website promotes WestJet flights from points within Canada plus all the WestJet destinations throughout southern USA, Hawaii, Mexico, Bahamas and Caribbean. We target business and vacation travelers as well the general traveling public across Canada
This website promotes the Northwestern Ontario's most unique and most recent construction projects scheduled for completeion in 2017. We feel this will be a world class attraction worthy of its own website. We target the general traveling public in Canada and USA.
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We Only Promote Fishing Destinations In NorthWestern Ontario
ALittleFurtherNorth.com, specializes in just one thing - promoting fishing trips to Northwestern Ontario. You won`t find information on areas east of Marathon or west of Kenora. You won`t find information on museums, festivals or theme parks . . . What you will find is a user friendly site promoting over 538 fishing adventures to both Fly-In and Drive-In destinations (lodges, resorts and outposts) across Northwestern Ontario
We Make It Easy & Convenient To Plan Your Trip - A Little Further North!
We make it easy and convenient to plan your next fishing adventure - A Little Further North to Northwestern Ontario. Starting with our home page you will find an interactive map of the entire region linking your to 35 Travel Zones.

Click any Travel Zone to link to a "zoomed in" detailed map pinpointing exact locations for a complete inventory of lodges, resorts, outfitters, outposts and fly-ins for that region. All listings on the map are interactivre linking you to a pop up window featuring a brief description of the facility along with a link back to the facility website.

Requesting Information, Dates and Rates
With over 500 fishing adventures listed on our site, the task of choosing a destination may at first seem daunting. But once you narrow your choices down to a Travel Zone and decide if you want a Fly-In Trip or a Drive-In location - your choices become much easier.

We encourage you to use the listings on the map to link to individual websites and learn more about their facilities, fishing and accommodations. If you find the perfect spot that meets all your needs - contact them directly and make your reservations.

However, if you have narrowed your choices down to a short list of two or three facilities and would like rates, availability and other questions answered - we can simplify your research. Simply "Click A CheckMark" next to the facility listed on the Travel Zone Page below the map. Be sure to fill in your contact information, travel dates and group size and click submit.

Your inquiry will forward to the facilities you have "CheckMarked" and each operator will respond to you directly with the information you requested. Once you have made your choice - you book directly with the facility of your choice.

Travel A Little Further North From Anywhere in North America
With 5 major airlines providing daily scheduled service direct to Northwestern Ontario - you are assured of Same Day Travel A Little Further North from any commercial airport throughout USA and Canada.

Direct flights operate daily from Toronto, Ontario / Chicago O'Hare and Minneapolis, Minnesota. USA departure flights are operated by United and Delta. Toronto departures are operated by Air Canada, Porter and WestJet. Same day connections are easily arranged from all major airports across North America.

For complete details on direct flight packages, car rentals, hotel accommodations click any of the Flight Links in the main menu at the top of each page.

Fly-In or Drive-In Fishing Adventures
Your first choice in planning a Fishing Adventure A Little Further North - is to decide if you want to book a Fly-In or Drive-In trip.

Perhaps you may have always dreamed of experiencing the thrill and adventure of taking a Canadian Bush Plane far beyond the realms of civilization, beyond the roads and highways and landing on a remote lake with a rustic modern lodge or an outpost camp.

Or, for the less adventurous your idea of a perfect northern fishing adventure may be the convenience and flexibility of driving slightly off the beaten path to a remote lodge, resort or housekeeping cabin. When you're this far north, the definition of a crowd may be two or three other boats on the lake.

No matter what type of adventure you choose, you are sure to find the perfect destination here - just A Little Further North!



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