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Getting Started
Send No Payment With this Initial Order. Once we receive your insertion order, we will email you an invoice for the program level that you have indicated in #5 below.
1. Your Contact Information
Please complete all areas of the contact information section. This will ensure that we have all necessary infomation on file and we are able to provide the designated contact person with all confirmations and updates to our program. If you have seasonal address please provide the current contact address for this program and then your seasonal address secondary.
2. Your Primary Travel Zone
Choose which Travel Zone you wish to designate as your Primary Travel Zone for your guaranteed placement. You may also select additional travel zones for your listings if another travel zone overlaps. For example if your primaty Travel Zone is Minaki - you may also want to be listed in the Kenora Travel Zone. You can select 4 additional travel zones in addition to your primary zone.
Defining A Quality Lead
You will receive leads from every client who submits a request form and clicks your company name. However, to ensure value of our program, you will only be charged for leads that are complete with (1) Name (2) Email Address (3) Travel Dates (4) Group Size. If any of the above is missing - you will not be charged.
4. Additional Facilities
If you have multiple outpost locations, it may be time consuming for you to write out descriptive text for each location. If all this information is on your website and you would like us to copy text from your website Click YES. If you prefer to write out each description, Check No and we will send a form to complete this informaiton.
5. Confirming Your Initial Order
The more leads you order, the cheaper the cost per lead. We offer 3 order levels as outlined in #5 below - 50 leads / 100 leads and 150 leads.
6. Payment Options
We have made it easy and convenient for you to choose the payment option that best suits your company's accounting and payables system. We offer 3 payment options which include (1) Email Funds Transfer (2) Pay Pal Credit Card Processing (3) Send Us A Check On Invoice. Please indicate your payment option in #6 on the left. Learn More About Payment Options.
7. Submit
Please review your details carefully prior to completion of the form. Once you are satisfied all details are correct, click submit. You will be taken to a Thank You Page which confirms that your order has been sent. . No further action is required by you until you receive our confirmation email along with an invoice.
Quality Sales Leads
Complete and Submit The Following Form To Start Your Pay For Performance Marketing Program
1. Provide Contact Information
Company Name
Contact Person
If you would like Inquiry Requests sent to a different email - enter here
Please provide the address you wish to be contacted at currently for this program
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Secondary Seasonal Contact address Information If Applicable
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2. Choose Your Travel Zones
From the list below, please indicate your Primary Travel Zone
If your facility is located within a Travel Zone that overlaps with another Travel Zone / or if you feel it is appropriate that your facility is included in more than one Travel Zone - you may request inclusion in a maximum of 4 Travel Zones in addition to your Primary Travel Zone Listed above. Please check mark requested Travel Zones. For example a lodge on Eagle Lake may want to be listed in the Eagle River / Vermillion Bay and Dryden Travel Zones. There is no charge for this.
Albany River
Sioux Lookout
Nestor Falls
Sioux Narrows
Sturgeon Lake
Perrault Falls
The Far North
Pickle Lake
Thunder Bay
Eagle River
Lac Des Mille Lacs
Quetico Area
Vermillion Bay
Ear Falls
Lac Seul
Red Lake
Lake of Woods
Savant Lake
Whitewater Lake
Fort Frances
3. Your Primary Facility / Location
(1) Your Primary Facility:
Provide details for your Main Facility such as a Lodge or Outfitters and Air Services would indicate the main base of operations
Name of Facility
Location: Town / Lake or Map Coordinates
Primary Access
*Website Link
Home Page
Or Deep Link To
100 Word Max Description Of This Facility
4. Additional Facilities / Locations
If you have multiple locations, such as numerous outpost camps, etc. we can normally save you the effort of listing details for each location, and take all information from your website. If you choose to have us take information from your website, we will send a copy of our text and links prior to going live so you have a chance to review and advise of any changes or modifications. Please choose an option
Yes, Please copy details from our website
In addition to our Primary location as described in #3 above, we have
additional locations we wish included
No, Do not copy details from our website
Rather, email the necessary form. We have a total of
additional locations to include in our listing
5. Confirm Order
Please advise the number of qualified sales leads you would like to initially order. It is understood that this is a one time order and any additional orders require your authorization. You send no money now - we invoice based on your choices below.
Check One Number of Leads Cost Per Lead Sub Total Tax Total  
50 (Minimum Order)
100 Leads
150 Leads
6. Choose Payment Options
(See Details On Payment Options) Please choose which payment option suits you best. We will invoice you by email. Send no money now.
Transfer Funds Via Email
Credit Card Payment Via PayPal
Pay By Check Upon Invoicing
Provide Other Details of Your Advertising Order
7. Submit Form

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