Pickle Lake A Little Further North

How Our Marketing Program Works

A Little Further North Targets A Very Specific Market
First you need to know that our website exclusively promotes Sport Fishing Destinations in Northwestern Ontario. You won't find details on any region west of Kenora nor east of Marathon. You won't find details on museums, festivals nor points of interest. We strictly promote fishing destinations located exclusively within Northwestern Ontario.
Promotion Is Designed Around Interactive Google Maps
We have divided NorthWestern Ontario into 35 Travel Zones and have dedicated a specific page along with an Interactive Google Map for each of the 35 Zones. As an advertiser, you tell us which Zone you want to be listed in. You may request listing in more than one zone if there is an overlap. For example the Kenora and Minaki Zones overlap. The Armstrong Zone overlaps with the Albany River / the Whitewater Ogoki / and the Wabakimi Travel Zones. You can request listing on up to 5 Zones - however be cautious as you may not want to pay for an inquiry for someone looking to fish the Fort Frances Zone if you are located in the Nakina Zone (as an example)
We Pinpoint Your Location
When you request a listing we need to pinpoint your location in order that we ensure correct placement on the interactive Google map. Each advertiser receives a "unique interactive number" pinpointing their location. When a client clicks your number, a small pop up window appears on their screen with details on your services along with a link back to your website.
If you operate more than one location - (as in the case of an outpost camp operator with multiple locations) - we will place your interactive number on the map for each location. If your outpost camps or locations are located within multiple Travel Zones, we will place your number on the maps for each Travel Zone.
You may submit unique text and descriptions for each location. Each location allows for a website link direct to your home page - or we can deep link it to a specific page on your site that highlights that particular outpost camp or location.
How Clients Use Our Site To Request Information From You
Lets assume we have assigned you the #1 on your Travel Zone Google Map. A prospective client clicks #1 on the map, reads the info in the pop up window and then decides to click your website link to learn more. If the client wants specific information on dates and pricing he has the option of contacting you directly (no charge to you) OR he can use the convenient Request For Information Form on that page. The client would simply complete his contact and travel information and then click #1 next to your company name just below the map. He clicks submit and his request forwards directly to your email. (You would be charged $2.50 for this service) Once you receive the inquiry, you contact the client directly.
To make it easier for clients to determine the type of information they are requesting, you will note that Fly-In locations have a light yellow background while Drive-In locations have a light green background.
Clients Are Free To Contact You Direct
Clients are encouraged to click your link and view your website. They may use the contact information on your website to contact you directly. There is never a charge when clients click your links. If they decide to contact you directly through the information on your website - there is no charge. You are only charged when they use our online Request For Information Form to send an inquiry - and the inquiry must meet minimum quality standards to be charged. See below.
We Ensure You Only Pay For High Quality / Legitimate Leads Submitted Through Our Online Form
You don't pay for "Tire Kickers"! We have a quality standard that each lead must meet before we charge you for it. You only pay for leads from prospective clients serious about booking a fishing trip to Northwestern Ontario. Naturally we can't guarantee 100% accuracy, but a Quality Lead must contain the following details.

A Legitimate Inquiry is an inquiry sent via our Online Request For Information Form. To be considered legitimate the inquiry must include:

  • valid name in the contact information
  • valid email address
  • arrival and departure date
  • group size
If any of the above information is not provided by the client - the inquiry will still forward to the service providers requested, - but it will be considered as a "tire kicker" and you will not be charged. If an inquiry is inadvertantly charged to you that does not meet the standards of our quality control, please advise and we will reverse the charge immediately.
You Are Not Charged For Duplicates
If you have multiple locations, you may be listed on our pages more than once. We make every attempt not to charge you twice for an inquiry from the same client. If however a duplicate charge sneaks through, just send details by email and we will reverse charge immediately.
Cancel Anytime / Fully Refundable Balance
You decide how much you want to spend each month. The minimum order is 50 inquiries at $2.50 per legitimate inquiry sent through our request form. (plus tax) When you confirm your advertising order - you pre pay your initial order. If at any time you are not satisfied with the results. If you do not receive inquiries, or if you are not happy with the quality of the inquiries - we guarantee a full refund of the remaining balance. For example if you have received 10 inquiries and then decide to cancel - the cost of those 10 inquiries would be deducted from your refund.
A cancellation request may be sent by email or telephone. Upon receiving your request for cancellation, we will remove all your listings from our site and no further sales leads will be forwarded to you.
Keeping Your Program Current
When your account balance reaches $20 we will advise you of your account status by email along with an order form for additional leads. If you wish to continue with the program, simply complete the order form indicating the number of leads requested. You will also be provided with payment options. Choose your most convenient payment option and submit the form to ensure continued participation in the program.
Please Note: We do not assume that you automatically want to renew. We always provide you with the option of renewing. There is never an automatic charge to credit card billing. As long as your account balance remains at $2.50 or higher, all your listings will remain active.
If your account balance is exhausted and we have not received a renewal order your listings will be removed from the site and you will no longer receive sales leads.
How Many Leads Will We Receive Each Month
If for example you order 50 leads - we cannot guarantee that you will receive 50 leads in the first 30 days. The 50 lead threshold is simply a safeguard for you, ensuring you won't pay for more than 50 leads in a 30 day period. If you receive 40 qualified leads in the first month - your account will have a credit of 10 leads for the following month. You may elect to increase your account at anytime. As long as your balance is $2.50 or more, your listings will continue to show. We never increase your account without your authorization and firm order.
Designed to Partner With Your Current Marketing Programs
This Pay For Performance Marketing Program is not designed to replace your current marketing programs but rather augment your current programs and help sell available occupancy inventory. We do this by not only promoting our website in traditional markets in the upper midwest USA but by penetrating non traditional markets with new initiatives. See Below
Create New Markets At No Cost Nor Risk
We fully realize that as a seasonal tourism operator your marketing dollars are limited and you need to spend them where they traditionally produce the best results. We spend heavily in promotion to ensure our website - ALittleFurtherNorth.com has an effective impact and exposure within the markets in the upper midwest USA.
However we also promote heavily in Southern Ontario (Toronto) / East Coast USA, / South Eastern / and South Central USA. While fishermen in Minnesota and Wisconsin may think nothing of driving up to Northwestern Ontario for a week of fishing - the drive would not be as appealing to prospective clients in more distant states. With United Airlines operating daily flights from Chicago to Thunder Bay / Air Canada, WestJet and Porter offering daily flights from Toronto to Thunder Bay and Delta operating twice daily flights between Minneapolis and International Falls - our website illustrates how convenient it is to take a flight from any major airport throughout North America and arrive in Northwestern Ontario the same day.
We promote the direct flight concept to Northwestern Ontario combined with driving a rental car to the final destination. Our interactive Google Maps on the flight pages show drive times to each Travel Zone. We then make it easy for prospective clients to check out flight schedules and fares, book flights, arrange rental cars and reserve hotel rooms - by providing helpful links to all necessary service providers. See Flights From Minneapolis as an example
As an active participant in our Pay For Performance Marketing Program, you will receive full exposure in all our markets across USA as well as Southern Ontario. You will have the opportunity to promote your services in new markets with total exposure to over 1.5 million prospects each and every month - Free of Charge, paying only $2.50 for each quality lead you receive through our online lead generation program.