Wabakimi Lake A Little Further North

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Flights From Chicago
Setting Up Your Total Transportation Package To Any Destination A Little Further North Is Easy and Convenient . . . .
1. Airline Flights Out Of Minneapolis & Connections
The flight out of Chicago O'Hare departs at 6:30 in the evening which allows you plenty of time to make same day connections from hundreds of commercial airport across the USA.
United Airlines Flight 5577 operated by Skywest, departs Chicago O'Hare each evening at 6:30 p.m. (central time zone). Flight is non stop, direct to Thunder Bay Ontario with an average flying time of 1 hr 34 minutes. Arrival in Thunder Bay is scheduled for 9:04 p.m. (eastern time zone)
2. Arrival In International Falls / Fort Frances, Ontario - Car Rentals
Upon arrival at the Thunder Bay International Airport - you will first clear Canadian Customs (be sure to have your passport with you). You will see the car rental booths upon leaving the customs clearance area. Use the following links to pre arrange your car rental. Go to the appropriate desk to pick up your pre arranged rental car.
3. Arrival In Fort Frances, Ontario - Hotels / Overnight Accommodations
You arrive in Thunder Bay shortly after 9 p.m. Depending on your destination you may decide to drive directly to your destination that evening - or you may prefer to take an overnight hotel room in Thunder Bay and start your drive early the next morning. Use the following link to locate hotels and book reservations.
4. Fort Frances, Ontario - Shopping
What type of Fishing Adventure are you booking? If you are heading for a full service lodge with meals included, you probably won't need to bring anything other than your clothing and fishing tackle. If you are heading for a housekeeping resort or remote outpost camp - you may be required to look after your own food provsioning. (Some outfitters offer a food provisioning package)
If you need to provide your own food provisioning, we suggest you have a shopping list made up ahead of time and then head for the grocery store after checking into your hotel. The Metro Grocery is open 24 hours and located less than 5 minutes from all the major airport hotels. If you are taking a float plane fly-in trip - be aware of the weight restrictions as advised by your outfitter.
Depending on the size of your group, you should bring one or two coolers with you in order to keep fresh goods and perishables. Ice is available at the Metro Store.
5. Drive To Your Destination
Refer to the above map for help on choosing your destination and fishing adventure. "Green Button" for suggested drive times from Thunder Bay, plus links to Fishing Lodges / Outfitters / Resorts / Outpost Camps / Fly-In Services located in that area.
6. Returning Home / Depart Fort Frances / International Falls
United Airlines Flight 5542 operated by Skywest, departs Thunder Bay Ontario each morning at 7:19 a.m. (eastern time zone). Flight is non stop, direct to Chicago O'Hare with an average flying time of 1 hr 31 minutes. Arrival in Chicago is scheduled for 7:50 a.m. (central time zone)
It is recommended that passengers flying to Chicago arrive at the Thunder Bay Airport two hours prior to flight time which means you will most likely want to arrive back in Thunder Bay the night before and take an overnight hotel room. You can return your rental car that night and take the hotel courtesy shuttle to the airport the next morning.


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